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Why cryptocurrency is the future of the new world order

by Martin Muthomi
by Martin Muthomi

You could make up to over 1000$ each week right from your home

Do you own a computer? Have access to the internet?

Well, then it has never been brighter than today. You have been dreaming and promising yourself every year “this year I must own that home and car” well 2018 is here and this is your year. You can control the global currency right from your sofa set. All you need is a computer and you can be part of the new world order.

First and foremost this is neither about the much hyped 666 nor the associated mark of the beast. It is not about a fanciful story subject to mysterious and bizarre believes or faiths that many people would jump to tell about. It’s about a reality that is changing lives, validating dreams and bringing the whole world to your door step.

Well, before jumping into conclusions take your time and understand this fascinating technology that has been making headlines across the globe. As a matter of fact, today, whether going through that favorite article on Forbes, Huffington post or your daily newspaper, you will come across crypto news.


by Martin Muthomi
by Martin Muthomi

Factually speaking, cryptocurrency has been revolutionary. It has defied business theories, graphs and curves. Without doubt it remains the greatest innovation of the 21st century. In fact, some call it the blockbuster invention of all time in the technology industry.

As it stands, cryptocurrency has renewed dreams and made the imaginable a reality to many. From the surging value of bitcoin in recent days to the phenomenal Ether of Ethereum, cryptocurrency has raised many from financial crisis to financial moguls. Definitely it continues to uplift people out of poverty to date. The big question however is; are you ready to take the big risk and start investing in cryptocurrency now? Well, that is an answer to be given by you.

The transformation journey of cryptocurrency has been a force to reckon with. From creating a connected crypto economy and millions of jobs for tens of thousands of people globally, cryptocurrency has been non-discriminative. Black or white, Asians and Europeans, the Africans and the Arabians cryptocurrency has been creating equal opportunities for all. Indeed, nothing else has achieved such a feat before.

To get the real picture, the crypto ecosystem has realized the Martin Luther King JR dream that all men will be judged by the content of their character and hard work. Today, from whatever realm of the human race the crypto-world is here to redefine your experience in business transactions while reshaping your financial status positively.

So, are you still in need of that dream car? Well, Cryptocurrency is here to help you achieve that.

Cryptocurrency comes with lots of financial profits and value for your investment. With continued evolution as it has been lately, the potential bestowed in cryptocurrency is enormous. From transforming your few coins to millions of coins within a few days; crypto brings along financial freedom, lower fees and immediate settlement.

cryptocurrency is here to transform lives — by Martin Muthomi
cryptocurrency is here to transform lives — by Martin Muthomi

With such amount of money at your disposal, all your dreams become valid overnight. All you may require maybe is an advisor on how to spend your money. The cars, the big houses and the apartments you have always yearned for will be a matter of finger flip.

But how do you get started into financial freedom with cryptocurrency?

Deciding is number one. Are you ready to start your journey into financial freedom today? If yes, the second step is to savvy yourself well with the crypto world. With that done, and you feel ready to take up the risk, I say, well-done, you have just started your way into financial stability. Nonetheless, do not forget that cryptocurrency is subject to depreciation in value sometimes. Therefore you must be wise while investing. In addition make sure you are superbly assertive to avoid the catastrophic decisions like participating in unscrupulous ICO contributions. In this technological world of 2018, you must be aware of scammers who are all over. Clearly know the coin you are investing in. That is mandatory!!! If you are completely a newbie, it’s advisable to invest in a well-known crypto like Ethereum.

If you are an exclusively success based entrepreneur, solely focused on being a global billionaire, then please consider investing in cryptocurrency. The returns are mind blowing, mesmerizing and unmatched. I believe you smart; make the right decision right now.


Cryptocurrency is changing money, business and the world as a whole. Through blockchain the technology behind most cryptocurrencies, crypto has turned out to be the most transparent platform the world has ever seen. A platform for truth and trust

Moreover, even as the banking industry has been continuously disrupted by fintech technologies, cryptocurrency will ultimately be next to turn the financial globe by its head. Already, cryptocurrency has altered the financial landscape; it’s slowly turning to be the best alternative for international money transfers. Foreign exchange is being done with ease and speed. Re-imagining of currency exchange courtesy of cryptocurrency has already taken root. And certainly this is only a start, ICOs are going global and it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrency is deeply rooted in the economic ecosystem dream of the globe.

This article was originally published on @justin_martin