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The urge for DotA 3

All credit to photographer/owner. — by Unknown.
All credit to photographer/owner. — by Unknown.

Dota has had many players hooked since its beginning as a custom Warcraft 3 map, through its alpha phase as a 2nd installation and a standalone all the way to a huge scaled community, colossal player support and a massive e-sports giant of a game it is today, and still going strong.

There are divided opinions on whether there should be a sequel or will there only be some sort of ongoing patches applied to the game as long as there is a large community behind it still, which devs try to uphold and maintain. Their primary goal IS to keep players in the game. At the same time, all players seek new content. The constant urge to keep themselves out of boredom and ever-present curiosity and need for new, improved in every way and preferably available at hand (F2P mostly) new game that held all of its old charm, is everything one involved player would love to see and experience in the game that has taken oh so many happy hours from him. This is something that Valve knows, devs know, and players feel therefore there just might be a truth about it in some foreseeable future.

by Unknown.
by Unknown.
by Unknown.
by Unknown.

One of the most iconic characters in DOTA universe - THE SVEN. Imagine him improved…

Many will say that Dota 3 will not happen because the game company has everything it needs to keep going the way it is for years to come. We will not go into details of why and how, just say that at some point in the future there must come a moment when people behind this fantastic game “hit a wall” sort of speaking and come to realize that the vast community that once was, started falling apart or minimizing due to players’ database dying and act on it!

Players’ and fans’ only hope is that when that moment comes and someone starts questioning it and realizes rather sooner than later, that the game needs a new chapter with all its glory, the 3rd sequel will happen. The only thing at that point that might happen also is that game dies, and everyone gets an entirely new game that is better and improved in every way in similar MOBA style, but if and when that happens everyone will be so pleased with this new immersive game that no one will care about what happened to the sequel.

“DOTA 2 might reach the tipping point where dealing with the tech debt incrementally isn't worth it compared to remaking it from the ground up.” James Chen, PC Gamers, answered March 8, 2016.

So, to sum up, even if the developers said some time ago that there is no point for a new game because they believe they can still just maintain its current state by patching it of course and that the entirely new game makes no sense at the moment. Fans all over the globe might disagree… Why? Because when the URGE is mighty, the WILL is strong, and as long there is HOPE and players believe & support this game, everyone will get rewarded for it in one way or another.

This article was originally published on @makaron