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Real life Robot Fights are becoming very popular in China, Wroom-Wroom

All credit to the owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to the owner/photographer. — by Unknown.

In one decade, technology has advanced so much, that anything you can think of exists or has been already created. We can continuously see new technological advancements, new things being built, sustainable development, rooftops that can collect the energy of the sun and lower your electric bill, cars that run on electrical power instead of old and outdated fossil fuels and much more. Almost every product or project related to technology and science was created to help humankind, especially robots that can cook or open your garage before you come or turn on the TV and record your favorite TV-show, but not these Robots…

People create these robots for fun and in their spare time, and why? TO FIGHT! Yes, you heard it correctly, we all remember about those old Battlebots in the United States and Robot Wars in the United Kingdom from the early 2000s, but these Robot fights are on a whole new level.

Robot combat is a form of robot competition in which two or more custom-built machines use varied methods of destroying or disabling the other. The machines are generally remote-controlled vehicles rather than autonomous robots, though not exclusively. -source: Wikipedia

This year 2018 World Robot Conference has brought the competition to new heights. 57 teams from all across China are competing in the contest.

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward:

  • Fights last three minutes
  • Players remotely control Robots
  • The aim is to paralyze the opponent's robot or completely destroy it
  • Every hit counts as one point
  • If the time runs out and there is no winner, judges count the points and evaluate offensive skills and defensive
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.

There are numerous tournaments just like this all across China. They are visited by mostly around 10-50 players and teams, and of course, there are different weight classes, just like in boxing or MMA matches. They range from 13kg all the way up to 110kg ultra heavyweight Robots. Usually, a robot with around 15kg that is fully ready to step in (or roll (if you know what we mean)) into the ring takes about a month and a half to make, and more massive Robots can take up to four months.

Prohibited weaponry:

  • High voltage electric cannons
  • Radio jamming
  • Liquids like glue or oil
  • Fire and Explosives
  • Projectiles (wow)
  • Visual obstructions
  • Entanglement devices

The good thing about these Robots is that they all are 99% custom made. That is very beneficial for the younger population, since they can learn more about Physics, laws of attrition and force, gravity, they learn about Mechanics, how an engine works, how much power does the Robot need in order to last three minutes and more, they learn about Design, because it is crucial for surviving in the arena. And they all learn it while having fun, which has an x2 multiplier study effect.

If this is too much violence, rock 'n' roll, hack and slash for your taste, you can check Robot-Sumo, where Robots try to shove each other out of a ring rather than destroy each other.

These tournaments and events are held in secure bulletproof glass arenas, so be careful and don't try this at home.

This article was originally published on @vaske