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NEW DJI MAVIC AIR - Should I Sell My Mavic Pro or Spark?

Hey welcome back guys and today is an exciting video, the other day DJI announced the Mavic Air which combines some of the best features of the Spark and the Mavic Pro into one single drone. Now you guys have seen me unbox and fly the Mavic Pro on the channel so you know I’m a fan of that drone. But in this video I’m going to be giving you all the breakdown of everything you need to know about this new cool piece of tech and should you sell your Spark or Mavic Pro for the Mavic Air. Also make sure you stay tuned to find out what my favorite feature of this new drone is that no one is actually talking about. All of that and more coming up…Let’s go!

Okay for starters let’s get into the beautiful design of the Mavic Air. Now size wise the width is 3.2 inches wide, 6.6 inches in length, and 1.9 inches in depth from top to bottom. In comparison to the DJI Spark which is 5.6 inches in length and width, because the arms do not fold, and 2.1 inches in depth making the spark actually thicker than the Mavic Air. Now it comes with the same foldable arms that you can find on the Mavic Pro which is personally what I thought the Spark was missing, so it is good to see that they have added that as part of the design for the Air. Now I talked about the depth of the Mavic Air being shorter than the Spark this is because, they designed the Mavic Air to be more aerodynamic to withstand wind a bit better. It still houses a 3-axis gimble with a 4K camera that can shoot 4K up to 30fps and Full HD 1080p at 120 fps to get a clear crisp slow motion video, but this time it is connected by chassis which will increase the steady video performance as this drone can reach up to 42 mph, making it the fastest drone in DJI’s collection.

The landing gears on the Air are positioned on the tips of the arms which acts as a dual function that include antennas that are tucked away behind the landing gear which will help you get more signal range when flying this drone. Since this drone is operated using WiFi rather than radio signal like the Mavic Pro & Spark, this feature is key to getting maximized distance. And hiding it directly behind the landing gear from a design standpoint was genius as it does not take away from the look. And speaking of distance it can get up to a max range of 2.4 miles. It is equipped with 7 cameras that is used to enhance data processing to help with reading the current environment in real time in greater detail for things like obstacle avoidance to prevent you from damaging your $1,000 piece of hardware. With this feature, instead of stopping the drone like the Spark and the Pro model does to avoid those trees, signs, or people, the Mavic Air will either move to the side, or over that object while continuing to move in that direction so it doesn’t mess up your filming or crash to an object. Which is something that is perfect for active tracking. And speaking of active tracking feature, the Mavic Air can track up to 16 objects including people, cars and watercraft’s, which is insane. I don’t even know 16 people or moving objects to be able to track at one time…but it does make me want to find 16 people or moving objects to track at a single time to see this happen in real-time. Now my only question or concern about being able to track multiple subjects is, who takes precedence of who it will follow if the multiple subjects was to go into different directions? Well I’ll tell you now when we get this drone in house I will for sure be testing that feature out, because I’m curious on what would happen.

Now with the Spark it did not come with a remote control which is kind of a bummer and something I didn’t understand. I understand that it is meant to fly with hand gestures, and using your phone and all but $500 at the time and no remote control? The Mavic Air does come with a control but this control does not have the LCD display like the Mavic Pro has, so keep that in mind before purchasing if you liked that LCD display of the Mavic Pro. My opinion the LCD screen was kind of useless so I can see why they removed that feature. And speaking of pricing the Spark has now dropped $100 and is now retailing at $400 at the time of this video and the DJI Air is retailing for $800 for just the drone and necessary accessories and $1,000 for the fly more combo package, which I personally recommend getting the fly-more combo if you can afford it, because you will get more accessories and batteries to give you more flight time, with the flight time being around 21 minutes per battery.

And last but not least my favorite feature of the new Mavic Air that not a lot of people are actually talking about and I think it is super dope and that is the 8 gigs of internal memory that will let you save photos and videos directly to the drone and export the files using USB Type-C. Which I’m hype that they are using that, instead of micro-usb. This is a situation that occurs all to often if you guys are drone flyers or videographers. How many of you, and let me know in the comments section below and be honest, drone fliers out there or videographers, have accidentally left the house and completely forgot your SD Cards? I know I have, well with this, even if you did the day won’t be a total waste because you can still fly capture up to 8 gigs worth of photos and video for you all to still be able to enjoy that flight session. By far the dopest and most overlooked feature on the Mavic Air that was announced.

So with all of that said the question for you DJI Spark, and Mavic Pro owners out there, should you sell those and get the DJI Mavic Air. My recommendation is this, and I want to preference this by saying this is my initial before actually flying the Mavic Air based off of the specs and what the Mavic Air can do recommendations. If you are a DJI Spark owner I would no doubt in my mind try my best to sell the Spark because honestly I would feel like I just got played with ever buying the Spark when it came out based off of everything the Mavic Air can do. But if I have the Mavic Pro I would no question keep the Mavic Pro and would not feel the need to run out right away and grab the Air over the Pro. But I would say if being a Pro owner this would be a perfect one to have in your collection as a drone that you would take with you on vacations, since it is small and much more portable than the Pro. And being a film maker, is making this a no brainer to pick up and add to your drone collection but not something that would be needed right away out of the gate.

Well guys that’s all I have for you today. Let me know if this video helped you guys on your purchasing decision and if you guys will be picking up the Mavic Air for yourself? And what do you like about it? I know for myself I definitely will be grabbing this and making it a part of my camera collection to enhance my Youtube videos with and capture some cool shots when going on vacations and such. And when I get it in I will make sure to show you guys some of the shots I have taken and get it on the channel. If you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up as well as hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell, you guys know the routine by now. Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.