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N0.1 CS: GO Major tournament in London. Supported by FACEIT.

All credit to photographer/owner. — by Unknown.
All credit to photographer/owner. — by Unknown.

From 20-23 September 24 teams will clash in the Wembley Arena for a prize pool of a bit over $1,000,000.

The tournament is sponsored and organized by FACEIT.

FACEIT is the leading independent competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer PvP gamers with more than eight million users, and a total of twelve million online gaming sessions each month. We aim to further the eSports ecosystem by offering players of all levels the chance to compete in a competitive environment with the games they love while providing publishers and third-party organizers with the tools needed to build their competitive community.

FACEIT is one of the leading CS: GO companies in the world of eSports, and for some time people are talking that they are deserving to get a chance to organize a Major and elite tournament. Valve agreed. So now we have a massive tournament in front of us where FACEIT got the job to organize everything, from all fazes of the competition, regional qualifications all around the world to the BIG LAN finale.

FACEIT has a chance to stand shoulder by shoulder to some of the related companies that already got the opportunity to hold such an event, ESL, DreamHack, ELEAGUE, PGL, and MLG.

This will be the first CS: GO Major tournament in the United Kingdom and also one of the biggest eSports competitions till now in this country. The first contingent of tickets for sale is expected to start early in April.

The Wembley SSE Arena has over 10,000 seats, where the final stage of the competition is planned to be held.

CBO and Co-Founder of FACEIT “Michele Attisani said:

The community has been at the heart of everything we do at FACEIT, and we are so grateful for the support of the players on our platform and those who’ve attended and watched ECS,
We’re excited to create an amazing celebration of CS: GO to honor that commitment. We look forward to seeing everyone there in September.

16 teams have already received invitations, and they are:

New Legends Stage:

Cloud9 ranked #3 from the United States, Natus Vincere ranked #5 from Ukraine, mousesports ranked #4 from Europe, G2 ranked #7 from France, FaZe ranked #1 from Europe, SK ranked #2 from Brazil (Swedish organization), Quantum Bellator Fire ranked #16 from Russia and fnatic ranked #9 from Sweden.

New Challenger Stage:

Gambit ranked #12 from Kazakhstan, Space Soldiers ranked #15 from Turkey, Astralis ranked #8 from Denmark, North ranked #17 from Denmark, Liquid ranked #6 from North America, Vega Squadron ranked #19 from Russia, BIG ranked #28 from Germany and well familiar to the whole eSports scene the Virtus. Pro ranked #18 from Poland.

If we take a look at the previous Major held in Boston, final match attracted over 1,100,000 viewers, setting up a new Twitch record. Some analysts report that eSports audience in the United Kingdom is a bit over 6,500,000, almost 10% of the total population.

The tournament format should look something like this:

  • In the new challenger stage, top 8 teams proceed to the new legends stage, and bottom 8 teams are eliminated.
  • In the new legends stage, top 8 teams proceed to the new champions stage, and bottom 8 teams are eliminated.
  • The new champions stage format is yet to be announced.

The prize pool will be spread like this:

  • 1st place $500k
  • 2nd place $150k
  • 3rd place $70k
  • 5h-8th $35k
  • 9th-11th $8,750
  • 12th-14th $8,750
  • 15th-16th $8,750
  • and 17th-24th is unknown.
This article was originally published on @vaske