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My Rap Tech of the Month - January!


Welcome back, now check it out, its my favorite tech of the month yea we coming back/

I ain’t messing round, yea I lay it down, shoutout to that CES when them lights went out they done gone black/

I just ain’t whack this a fact check the track, youtube changing rules, wait a minute what you call that/

Keep listening and it’ll make you wanna playback/

I’m just here to show you tech I keep around my backpack/


Listen up, Nintendo Switch, guess what, man I can’t get enough of it/

I play it everyday yea that’s a quick fix/

Beat that Mario, hat tosses to that bad witch/

Then they came out with some new news/ Heyyyyyy!!!

Nintendo Labo on some blues clues/

It’s for the kids but I’m like who’s who?/

I’m tryna get it to I ain’t gotta choose/

Azexi came out with some true wireless earbuds/

Battery last about 2-4 hours when it floods/

Charging case is a solid build, no bugs/

Before I got them thought they would be a duds/

Glad I was wrong

All along google home mini was strong/

That’s why it was added into this song/

All about that software all daylong/

Alexa getting passed might have to say so long/


Verse two, Jastek came through, with the multi cable/

4 in 1 been using it, it’s stable/

Braided no frayed wires laying on the table/

Next up is an app called Peak/

You can play the games but ain’t made for the weak/

Stimulates the brain you can schedule all week/

I ain’t playing wit it top scorer here for the keep/

Well…thanks for watching in January/

Make sure you stay tuned for February/

I’m getting new products in for the lovers it’s never scary/

Make sure you check the word play, vocabulary/

Man let me stop…

Well…that’s all I got for ya/

Thanks for watching now here’s to another/

You can watch it with your friends or ya mother/

Hit that like button and subscribe for ya brotha/


This article was originally published on @devinencoremacon