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Internet Marketing: Poor SEO Habits That You Should Avoid

When working on your search engine optimization strategy, you need to keep in mind that this is a long term game. Using tactics that offer you quick results will most likely end up messing up your strategy when you most need it to be working. You also risk being red flagged by Google or you could even end up banned if you keep using tactics that are prohibited.

Image Source: Pexels
Image Source: Pexels

Good and effective search engine optimization strategies normally take time for them to give you the desired results you are looking for. Online Marketing isn’t as hard as most people make it to be, it only requires dedication and patience. However, there are some shortcuts that people tend to invest in that seem to work initially. The problem with such shortcuts is that they will not only fail you, but they could also get your website red flagged by Google –which is pretty bad for your business. Though website visibility is important for online businesses, use of poor habits to get there will definitely cost you a lot more than you stand to gain. Here are some habits that you need to keep your eye on whenever you are doing your internet marketing:

High Keyword Density The right keywords are very important when it comes to Online Marketing and good search engine optimization. However, you need to watch how and where you place them in your article to prevent overuse. Having a high density of the right keyword in your article is going to mess up even the little good traffic that you might already have.

When you overuse keywords by fixing them everywhere in your article to improve your page rankings, you end up with content that can’t be understood by your customers. For a five hundred word article, the right keyword density would be about five to six well placed keywords. Using a long tail keyword is more effective when it comes to improving your website’s visibility.

Lack of Planning and Ignoring Social Media Just because a certain search engine optimization tactic works for your competitors, it doesn’t mean that you should implement it without any plans. That would be a big mistake that could end up costing you a lot in terms of resources and time spent. Making a plan and coming up with a working strategy is very important for Online Marketing.

Even if your SEO strategy is working, ignoring your social media signal is a pretty bad idea. Social media has become a very critical part of internet marketing and all search engines pay a great deal amount of attention to them. You should try using different social media plug-ins on your website or blog to enable your reads to easily engage with you and share your posts.

Many Press Releases and Poor Content Finally, you need to stop submitting press releases all the time even for the very little things that you do. Consumers are looking for relevant information in the news channels and not any other unhelpful information to them. Stick to using press releases whenever you actually have news that you are pretty sure your customers are going to care about.

The use of poor content has been repeated time and again as a poor SEO habit when it comes to Online Marketing. Avoiding plagiarism and producing content that isn’t only SEO friendly but also informative and relevant to your target customers is very important for you marketing strategy.

If doing your own Online Marketing proves to be a difficult task –not everyone can do it right, you should look for an internet marketing agency to work with. When doing your search, ensure that you stay clear of agencies that have prior conflicts with Google as a result of using the bad habits you are trying to stay clear of.

This article was originally published on @sallywilkinson