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First impressions about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Before anything else, yes this game is very similar to League of Legends(LoL), but even after a couple of lawsuits this game prevailed and copyrighted its entirety as a standalone game of Moonton (Shanghai Moonton Technology).

All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.

Now, as for the games itself, a true lover of MOBA games cannot stay idly by when this game is at ask. It will most surely suck every decent gamer in, no matter of his/her gaming background. After just a day or 2 in, you can almost sense its enormous potential to grow into a big game in vast esports community. It has many well-done things, small details that reveal what this game can be. There are several modes so far- classic, vs AI, custom, mirror, brawl and very-well made rank or ranking mode. There is even a battle royale map. Yes, that is correct- a big, wide map with its own rules similar to battle-royale games. The most important mode, of course, stays ranked mode or rank, which has a similar leveling system to Lol, but somehow with its own twist and charm.

All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.

The game is primarily made for mobile phones of course, but it can also be played from PC using Android/iOS emulator. According to already a vast number of daily engaged players, the mobile version is much more immersive and fun. There are still a number of skeptics who think that the mere gameplay or controls manipulation in-game aren’t much to speak of, but that number is getting thinner by the day. The in-game monetary system is again similar to many games. For example, there are hero skins- the most buyable items in store and of course purely decorative meaning of making your favorite hero look different, which on the other hand does not affect gameplay much. Then there are diamonds, of course, a primary way of getting through the game faster by spending money. This is beside Battle Points or BP, which you earn by playing and things like tickets that may get you just the hero you needed, by spending some on a Lucky Spin wheel.

There are also achievements as a way of earning additional BP’s and some experience just by playing your own style. Emblems make your life much easier and more enjoyable on whichever map or game-mode you choose to play on. The most played map is the three lane map with “strategic grass”, buffing monsters and Lord, all parts of never-ending fun and competitiveness that gets players immersed inside of this game. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s towers and then the base like in many similar games of this type, but there are far more strategic and fun ways to do so.

All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unkown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unkown.

Making a profile is very easy and straightforward also done with taste and freedom for every player. Players can also choose various types of connections to the game via the Google account, Facebook account or VK account. There is also an inbuilt online support system that works well so far as well as protection through reports system that keeps game safe from “toxic” players and bad behavior. Players can watch others play or watch other players stream and even stream their games themselves via “My streaming” platform completely in-game and connected to YouTube channel, for which you must only have a working profile in order for it to work properly. Through “esports” tab in-game players can track and vote for their favorite teams or nations. An easy, fast and smooth way to enjoy, learn and follow Mobile Legends and its development course through all present and future tournaments.

This big mix of impressions this game has to offer will leave very few cold-hearted. It is a well-made MOBA game for mobile phones. The gameplay is at a high level for a mobile game in the modern gaming scene. The controls will actually surprise and give a smooth and easygoing feeling during gaming. The graphics will complete the package with wonderful and eye-catching details. There is always room for improvement, but the content this game puts out there daily only stays as a witness to the vast potential it may offer.

This article was originally published on @makaron