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eSports business park opening in Shanghai, China

The beautifull city of Shanghai at night. — by Google.
The beautifull city of Shanghai at night. — by Google.

We already talked about the (World's first eSports stadium in China is under construction), and we saw that China is not doing this for fun. They have recognized the importance of investing money and resources in eSports since the booming of video gaming, and all of its components is almost at the peak of our age.

eSports influence is so enormous that official Olympic Federation is considering of adding gaming as a featured sport at the 2020 Olympic Games. Maybe this is the main reason China is investing so much in gaming and technology.

We also talked about the (Yes, eSport schools exist, and here are some of them), and we saw that China once more is the first country to recognize this as a fact and already started investing. No wonder why analysts report that only China will get revenue of ~$906 million in 2018 alone.

Shanghai has acknowledged these facts and already started investing. They are opening a dedicated business eSports related park that has two purposes: Gather all eSport companies from around the globe + the local agencies and offer unforgettable experiences to gaming fans.

Tencent Holdings HQ. — by Google.
Tencent Holdings HQ. — by Google.

The city of Shanghai has good cooperation with one of the most significant media and gaming companies - Tencent. This is indeed a good choice since Tencent mission, and vision is to push eSports to all cities in China, especially League of Legends since they own it. They are also the owners of games like Honor of Kinds, Player Unknown's Battleground (on mobile), Clash Royale and Clash of Clans (on mobile), and a lot of other games like the fantastic Fortnite, H1Z1, FIFA Online, etc.

Let's not forget that Shanghai is the largest city in China by population, with more than 24 million people. It is also a global financial center and a transport hub with the world's busiest container port. When this project is finished, Minhang district will have eight cultural and creative parks.

The name of the eSport business park will be Shanghai International New Cultural and Creative e-Sports Center and as we said, is predicted to be operational in just two years time, ~2020. It will have eight different zones that will have different purposes, from broadcasting hubs to gaming rooms, boot camp area, tournament arena, and also a film production areas, with focus on digital video production also known as CGI - Computer-Generated Imagery. Also, one of the central zones will be the zone with 100+ gaming and eSport companies from all around the world. The park will be designed to greet more than ~10,000 visitors and a performing comic-cons hall with 1,300+ seats.

Wow, can you imagine walking thru the building and looking at the Cloud9 shop, and next to them there is Clan FaZe organization and next to them fnatic. Flawless.
Shanghai panorama. — by Google.
Shanghai panorama. — by Google.
This article was originally published on @vaske