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Best apps for photo editing you will ever need (2018)

by Unsplash.
by Unsplash.

The age of digital cameras was followed by editing those photos on our personal computers, but today, all that you can do on your smartphone while on the move or while drinking your macchiato coffee on the beach. What makes an application good enough for the everyday user to download and use it and most of all share it with friends? First of all, it needs to be free, because a vast majority of Play store users are using free apps, so you get the point. Second, the app needs to be user-friendly so every kind of user can use it with no difficulties. Third, the app needs to have good filters and options for beautify. We went through a lot of apps and selected a few that are free but who have so much potential for making your Social Media photos look almost like you are the next big Hollywood star.

by Unsplash.
by Unsplash.

You can find these applications on your Google Play Store, or on the official Apple iOS App Store.

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop (pronounced Adobi Photoshop) announced their express version whom of course is not that great as their computer program, but can still help you crop photos, adjust exposure and do all sorts of tasks. You can create your macros that will save your time when editing photos in the future.


This is one professional app for editing photos, designed by Google itself. It has a massive amount of editing options and gives you the complete control over your photos. By turning on extra tools, you can change the photo appearance, cloud it, adjust the temperature and many other cool options including, different movie effects or the unique Retrolux effect (filter). The most impressive thing is that when you edit, you can use layers like in Photoshop, which gives you the complete new result every time you modify the photo.


This is one very cool app. It was designed with the idea that your smartphone photos should look like from the movies. With all the primary filters, VSCO allows you to buy packages, and every package had different esthetics of different types of photos. One of the key indicators for VSCO success is the massive, communities all over the internet that gather professional photographers and artists and amateur ones together so they can exchange ideas, skills, and experiences. This is one serious app that will benefit artists and news reporters a lot.

by Unsplash.
by Unsplash.

Lens Distortions

Knows for its powerful plug-ins and applications for desktop devices, Lens Distortions made their mobile app for editing photos both on Android and iOS. Their key performance indicator is the massive database of realistic filters that offer your photos unique effects like sun overlapping or sudden flashlights and different kinds of blur effects. This app is entirely free, and it includes five free filters if you want access to other options you can subscribe and for only one dollar per month get a lot more filters and excellent photo editing options.

We suggest you also check these other awesome apps: Pixlr, Lightroom CC, Picart, Google Picasa, PrintaQ, Camera360, Gimp, Photo Editor and many other.

Thank you for reading and good luck & have fun editing your photos.

This article was originally published on @vaske