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5 MOBA games, that give the genre a new twist.

Here are 5 games that remix the MOBA formula into something unique and great.

A while ago, I made an article about great free games, in which I stated that MOBA and CCG's would get there own lists. And here we are. However, in my original drafts, I found a major flaw: most of them are dead. And all that is left is the big two (DOTA2 and LoL). And a list of 2 titles is not interesting and will only spark fanboy rage. So, instead of that, here are games that at its base is a MOBA, but have done it in such a different way that the games feel fresh, unique and fun.

by Lyubomir Atanasov
by Lyubomir Atanasov

Before the list starts here is my personal list of requirements of what it takes for a game to be considered in a MOBA. Or at least have 2 of them.

  1. Must be team PvP as the base game. 2v2, 3v3 whatever. Once you press “Start Game” you are put on a team versus team match.
  2. Have a cast of hero/character roster, each being different and play in a certain low.
  3. Have a lane based map and/or automatic creep/minion waves.
  4. Upgared tries during the match: via character level up and/or shops.
  5. Be free to play.
  6. Must not be on death row (sorry Gigantic)

OK, enough fluff, on to the list.

by Lyubomir Atanasov
by Lyubomir Atanasov

5. Battlerite

To start off here is a MOBA-like game, where the main gameplay comes from a single scenario, often found in MOBA's: the team fight. Battlerite is top-down 3v3 arena brawler game, where you must win rounds by beating the other team, using an almost twin-stick shooter like combat system, with MOBA style abilities. Its fun, fast-paced and really satisfying when you win with the last attack.

4. Airmech Strike

by Lyubomir Atanasov
by Lyubomir Atanasov

Here is a game with a long history of evolving. Starting off as Airmech Arena, a mix of MOBA and Strategy gameplay and as of writing this, now divided into 3: Commando(a VR RTS), Wasteland (a story-driven campaign ), and Strike. Airmech Strike is a 2v2 or 1v1 Action RTS with robots that can change into planes. You make your loadout of units you can build during the match, and your mech itself can be leveled up during the match itself. Capture bases and destroy the enemy command center. And through the time, the mechanics have been more streamlined and simplified. The only sort of problem the game has is that the player base is kind of thin. But the devs are constantly updating and patching, so you know this title is here to stay.

by Lyubomir Atanasov
by Lyubomir Atanasov

3. Awesomenauts

The original 2D MOBA. A fun space cartoon setting, fun action gameplay, interesting characters, some voiced by internet celebrities and as of last year, absolutely free. With a business model that is mostly fair, it has constant updates and balance changes and workshop support, the game is worth trying out. Chances are that you won't regret it.

2. Heavy Metal Machines

by Lyubomir Atanasov
by Lyubomir Atanasov

Metal is the element in this title. Music, style, characters are all metal or close enough to the genre. As for the game itself, it's a top-down, car MOBA, where the goal is, well to score a goal by carrying a bomb ball to the enemies gate. There is an ok sized roster with all characters being inspired by a certain genre, the business model is fair and it also has constant balances and patches. Rock on!

1. Atlas Reactor

by Lyubomir Atanasov
by Lyubomir Atanasov

No matter how they mix things up, MOBA-like games always try and keep that feeling of action, not Atlas Reactor. This game is a mix of MOBA and XCOM-like combat system. The main mood is a 4v4, 20 turn deathmatch, wherein each turn you have 15 seconds to use an action and move. In the end, every action by all characters plays out.

This somehow makes matches more exciting. since they do give a rush, every time you and your team, combo a strategy and win turn.

Couple that with seasonal story events, with a constant stream of awards and multiple missions for more rewards, you will gather so many items, without ever spending a dime. One of the best MOBA-like games out there.

This article was originally published on @thetubich