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2018 The big breakthrough of crypto — created by Macrovector — by Macrovector — created by Macrovector — by Macrovector

Since I was a child I remember playing in my little kitchen and my little grocery store, using plastic coins and paper money to pay for the goods that I had bought or sold. Now I have small children of my own, I also see them playing just like me, however they are now paying with plastic bank cards instead of coins. It is very likely that our grandchildren will be paying with cryptocurrency instead of bank cards. How awesome is that?

Innovation never stops. Great visionaries predict that cryptocurrencies will have a very promising future. If you just take a look at the technology behind some of these awesome projects you’ll see this will redesign our financial and economic future.

In the early years of Bitcoin only the real nerds were believing in the future of Bitcoin. The past year more and more average people like you and me are discovering the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and the fascinating technology that is coming along with it. 2018 will be the breakthrough for cryptocurrencies. There are more and more astonishing projects that will really start taking of the coming year. You can already notice that the media is talking more and more about it every day.

Every day thousands and thousands new users are signing up with the big exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, etc. to buy their first Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoin.

We have just started and still have a long way to go to mainstream adoption. As you can all see right now, this road will be with ups and downs. It will take quite some time before the market is stabilized. The more volume will come into the market the sooner it will stabilize and the sooner we can convince the non-followers to join. So please give all those newbies a warm welcome.

One thing is for sure cryptocurrencies are here to stay!

Interested to buy your first crypto, use the links below, and get started right away.

This article was originally published on cryptoplainandsimple